Welcome to Veer3, LLC

Veer3 is a project-based consulting service. Instead of asking, “How can we help you?” we ask, “What do you need help with?” The goal is to eliminate “consulting bleed” that can happen when consulting isn’t built around a specific goal or project.

Our goal is to remove the risk from consulting services by building a collaborative relationship focused on step-by-step benchmarks. At each benchmark, the client can pause their relationship with Veer3 and move forward on their own.

Veer3 doesn’t start billing until the scope, schedule and resources of the client’s project are clearly defined. Clients don’t pay for parties to discover that Veer3 may not be the best fit. We build rapport with our clients project-by-project by identifying shared organizational beliefs and employing a systems approach.

If you or your company wants to effect change but need direction, please consider contacting us.

Email us at contact@Veer3.com to start the dialogue.