FMEC Practice Model Development

e3Business, LLC is currently looking for providers in integrative and functional medicine (I&FM) interested in Functional Medicine Energy Center’s (“FMEC”) practice model. 

  • The FMEC Model is centered on primary care providers active or interested in incorporating I&FM into an independent practice. 
  • The FMEC provides I&FM providers access to the resources necessary to monetize the providers’ passion, experience and practice of I&FM.
  • The FMEC Model can be incorporated with a variety of practice types, (e. g. fee-for-service, Direct Primary Care, cash).  
  • The FMEC Model is for practice owners. 
  • The FMEC Model owner maintains complete ownership of their practice and is not required to pledge any assets. 
  • The FMEC requires a nominal upfront commitment for the potential to create an autonomous I&FM practice. 
  • The FMEC Model does not require a practice conversion but rather a transition that leaves the practice able to pursue other opportunities. 
  • The FMEC Model represents the culmination of a six year practice development with significant investment. 

For a comparison of the FMEC Model and other models,  CLICK HERE.

For a look at a sample FMEC Model practice pro forma, CLICK HERE.

For a eight-minute overview, the “Silent Movie Presentation: Dr. Lee’s Problem” below. Press the triangle in the lower right corner for auto-play if it doesn’t start automatically. 

Interested I&FM providers should contact e3Business at

Additional confidential information is available for providers who have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with e3Business (CLICK HERE).